Consulting Services

Tangonet provides software solutions consulting to businesses of all sizes.
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Voice Services

Custom phone solutions at reduced rates that offer enterprise-grade calling features, improves reliability, and enable mobile users to stay connected—while cutting your phone bills by over 50%.
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Cost effective automation systems to simplify your day to day lives using the latest and greatest automation technology available.
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Tangonet’s t-Commerce package is a fully-customizable e-commerce package that can be integrated with your existing systems to provide a seamless end-to-end order taking and management system.
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qContent is a fully comprehensive and customizable content management system that easily allow businesses to effectively manage all of their online content including: files, documents, videos, forms, blogs and more. No need to worry about plugins and updates – it is all in your control!
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High Availability Hosting

We define High Availability as the ability to maintain a service at all times. The goal is to create an environment that is as resilient as possible so in the event that something does go wrong, your business process and services is unaffected.
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Self-Serve Hosting

Domain Names, Web Hosting, Email, Exchange Hosting even dedicated servers!  We make it simple to manage all of your internet assets in one place, through one simple to use control panel.
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