Do you have a fundraising event that involves teams, donations and sponsorships?

CommuniT is the tool that will turn your event into the Fundraiser of the Year.

CommuniT has the ability to:

  • Manage all of the content for each page of your website
  • Have teams or individuals to effortlessly sign up with any of the details your fundraiser requires
    • You can send them an automatic reply for registering
  • Take donations directly targeted to either a team or participant
    • You can send them an automatic thank you for donating
  • Empower your organization to generate excitement for your event with a direct link to all of your social media platforms
  • Manage all of your events by:
    • Handling all of the donations
    • Limiting the number of teams per event
    • Grouping teams by level, dates and times
    • Showing off your event with our easy to use Photo Gallery