Tangonet’s T-Commerce business-to-business package is a fully-customizable e-commerce package that can be integrated with your existing systems to provide a seamless end-to-end order taking and management system.

With T-Commerce, you can:

  • Allow your business customers to check your stock availability
  • Allow your customers to place orders
  • Have web orders transferred right into your existing systems
  • Allow your customers to follow up on order status right from your website
  • Allow your customers to lookup their own invoice history information
  • Customize the Web business environment for your customers
  • Provide customer-specific pricing
  • Organize your product catalog in a truly meaningful structure

By using Tangonet’s T-Commerce, you can:

  • Use the Internet to complement your existing sales channels
  • More efficiently interact with your customers and suppliers
  • Improve productivity by automating internal processes and information transfer between departments or branches
  • Reduce operational costs and improve margins